Gil Kane's "Tonto" Aurora Comic Scenes Instruction Booklet Cover and Complete Story Original Art. (Aurora Plastics Co., 1974).

 James Bama's "Vulture and Mad Dog Customizing Monster" Original Art

 Aurora Prehistoric Scenes: Cave, 1972, original model kit box art.

 Aurora Prehistoric Scenes: Cro-Magnon Woman, 1971, original model kit box art. Gouache on board. 14 x 17in.

 Aurora Prehistoric Scenes: Jungle Swamp, 1972, original model kit box art. Gouache on board. 12 x 15-1/2in.

 Two original canvas paintings for The WITCH box art.

 Aurora Monster Scenes 'DRACULA' Snap Together Model Kit, 1974!

 Kevin shares his Aurora's 'Gigantic Frankenstein' original artwork!

 Aurora's Mad Barber & Mad Doctor original canvases!

Neil Leadbeater sent me these three original box art pieces!

Dracula & Prisoner Glow In The Dark series.

With a starting price of $1,500.00 on eBay, the original art for the instruction sheet of Dr. Deadlys Daughter.

Two original canvas pieces painted by artist Gary Makatura and part of the Stratten/Holland Products Company 'What if' Series of imaginary Aurora Monster model kit boxes.

The Stratten/Holland Production Company's Instruction Sheets to their imaginary Aurora Monster model kits!

This is a close up, allegedly, of the original canvas painting for Dick Tracy's SPACE COUPE. Click here to see the full canvas.

These are, reportedly, the original Bama covers for The Creature & The Mummy.

The artist proofs by Neal Adams, for Aurora's 1974 Comic Scenes BATMAN kit...

Happy Modeling - Buc :)

Junk Drawer   Aurora Proto-types!