November 9, 2001


In answer to last weeks Sprue, I received this rebuttal from Anthony Taylor on Friday...

BUC: "It wouldn't have been too bad, but after seeing the GL and GA piece, Paul told Anthony to knock it off... only to see the Adam West piece in the next issue!! With all the articles stating they were made by Amok Time!!"

AT: Paul at Amok Time never asked me to knock anything off. And I never stated that any of the kits were produced by Amok Time Toys. My column stated the GL and GA kits were available from Amok Time and simply didn't state that the kits were made by Koma designs, something I was unaware of at the time. Paul emailed me and asked if I could print a correction, which I did. At the same time, I mentioned the Adam West kits using only the text that Amok Time had sent out to promote the kit. It was not my intention to garner them a Cease and Desist order from Warner Brothers.

BUC: "Seems the styrene scene is so dry that Anthony has to delve into the Garage Kit scene for his Toy Shop magazine articles. Problem is, his reporting leaves alot to be desired..."

AT: Obviously you have never bothered to read my column. It has appeared in Toyshop for almost 6 years and has covered garage kits since the first installment. As for my reporting abilities, I think you have no room to talk. You might actually bother to check your facts before you make statements condemning someone who actually attempts to do something positive for the hobby, unlike yourself.

Anthony is correct on one item! I fucked up!! I broke one of my own commandments... check both sides of the story before saying a goddamn thing!! And I know better than that!!'s not like I didn't have ample opportunity during CHILLER to ask for his side! I was right next to him at least three times on Friday!

Diceman reports Model Maniacs #3 sales: "...548 copies sold at the desk, and on Sunday I sold a case to Village Comics (92 copies). That totals 640 copies that went at Chiller alone and I have about 300 that I have to dropship to stores! Am waiting to hear from the distributors yet! Looks like even with the increase print run, this issue won't last long either!"

Way to go, Dice!! And for those folks who haven't gotten a copy of MM#3, or AFM's newest Swimsuit issue, I highly recommend you get out and grab both!! You won't regret it!

Wayne's Creech Wylie Reed & Mark VanTine were kind enough to pass me photos of Wayne 'The Dane' Hansen's Swimming Creech! It was on sale at Alternative Images table... and Mark tells me they sold like hotcakes! ...still can't figure out how I missed seeing this!!

And speaking of sculptors, for all you Batman freaks and sculpting newbies, check out this thread over on the Clubhouse BB!! Martin Canale shares some tips and photo's on a variety of projects he's worked on!! Some photo's are large, but well worth the look!

If you haven't seen Alina Chu's CHILLER photo's, make sure you drop by her site!! Once again, she did a great job printing up all the winning tags for each of the categories this year, so it would be easier for everyone to know who won what!! It's amazing that while you're at the show you miss a lot of things!! There was one kit on the Youth table that I didn't remember seeing until I saw it in a photo I, myself, took!!! Sheesh!! That damn slave driver is working us far too hard!!!

Tony Wootson also has a great CHILLER write-up with accompanying photo's on his site! Three full pages worth!!

Drop by one of your local Toys R Us sometime in the near future! Polar Lights' 16" GODZILLA should be hitting the shelves any day now.

R.I.P.s... Josh Kirby (1928-2001), SF/Fantasy artist famously responsible for many Discworld covers and a great deal of other memorable genre artwork going back to 1954, died unexpectedly on 23 October. He was 72. (Source: Ansible 172) and...

Gray Morrow 1934-2001 Gray Morrow (born Dwight Graydon Morrow, 1934) passed away at his home in central Pennsylvania during the day on Tuesday, November 6th. Although he had suffered with health problems the last few years, his death was unexpected.

Another of the fantastic 'realistic' science-fiction/horror artists, Gray Morrow did many stories (and covers) for Warren's 'Creepy' & 'Eerie'. He also drew for the Atlas line (1950's Marvel imprint) as well as Classics illustrated, Marvel, DC, plus illustrations for Galaxy, IF, and other SF-type digests. He did many paperback cover paintings and independent-type comics projects, and up til recently, illustrated the 'Tarzan' Sunday comic strip! One of his greatest works is the 'trade paperback', "The Illustrated Roger Zelazny."

Both will be missed!

Til next week...

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