September 28, 2001


Well, another week has gone by. Interestingly enough, I was checking out my 'Stats' page connected with my web site counter on Tuesday afternoon and happened to click on daily hits over the month of September. I usually don't check daily hits... normal routine is to look at yearly stats to see how one month's traffic varies from earlier months... but in looking it over, noticed the low dip in the middle and then followed it down only to realize it was the 11th.

Freaked me out!

But other than that weird episode, I'm finding that I'm doing alot better this week! Did read an interesting email the other day which discussed getting back to normalcy. The post outlined how people have come together, laying aside political party lines, past prejudice, filled churches to overflowing, donated lots of their hard earned money to relief funds, volunteered their blood, many helping with the rescue effort and a thousand other kind acts... and ended by stating that since 9-11-01, people have acted anything but NORMAL!! And he didn't want us to revert back!!

Thought it was a neat outlook on an otherwise tragic event, and gotta admit I find myself agreeing with him 100%!!

Would like nothing better then to have us fellow Americans, hell, the whole world, maintain this unity and resolve for a long, long time!! Was a great post!

Back on the Modeling front, things have picked up a great deal. I'm in that stage right now where I've just finished a model and although I have a slight urge to start another, nothing in the kit closet/floor stack is jumping out at me! Opened up Fatman's "Hotter Than Hell" kit, but for a nice female nude kit you really need an airbrush, and I'm too lazy to pull all the airbrush supplies out right now. Re-opened Amok Time's Green Arrow, but then put it all back in the box again.

Last four kits have been resin, so eyeing the Styrene pile, hoping a change of medium will spark interest. Nothing electrifying so far! Alfred E. Neuman and The Forgotten Prisoner could be faintly heard crying out to be built... even the Guillotine stopped my eye for almost a full minute!! But in the end walked away empty handed.

Oh, well... I'll find something sooner or later!

Around the hobby....

Ed and Ted are putting the final touches to the next issue of Model Maniacs magazine. (Helps if you pass them the article AND the photo's that go with it, though!!) Oops!!  :)

Been receiving a BUNCH of sneak peeks on some forthcoming kits lately, and you guys are going to be jumping for joy when you see these hit the streets!! The sculptors are putting in some heavy overtime and producing some very FINE works of art!!!

The Kitbuilder's Show is happening up in Hillside, IL, this Sunday. Hoping to see another fine batch of photo's showing all the good times everyone had! Twenty-eight more days until Chiller Theatre Expo... amazing how quickly six months fly by, ain't it!!?! Although, to be honest, not looking forward to the view of the NYC skyline once we're there... we'll be with friends, so we can all get pissed off together!! But I know it's gonna be heart wrenching!!

Heads Up!! Learned today that another store just got slammed with a C&D in connection with a BATMAN kit. So all you dealer's out there be careful!

Til next week...

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