September 7, 2001


Not much happening around Model-Land this week, except for folks getting irritated, upset or somewhat bothered! So thought we'd skip and jump around the various forums and mention some of um!

I've been following the Hobby Link Japan bashing taking place over the last week on the Rec.arts.anime.models newsgroup. Some little twerp started it off by bitching they've had his order for three or four days now and it's still in the 'process' stage. Idjit can't understand why is faster than that!!

Scott Hards, president of the company, has even come on a few times and tried to explain that HLJ consists of a total of 11 people working the business as compared to 53,000 of Us ordering stuff from um!! And that only two working there have English as a native language! (and many of us know who the two are, don't we!!!)  ;)

Their inventory and packaging process isn't automatic, but people-operated, and that just recently the Japanese had a week long religious holiday, where NOTHING was open!!

But of course that didn't do anything to appease this dick-head. All he cares about is his ONE meager order and to hell with the fact that there might be 52,999 others being worked on at the same time as his!!

It's amazing the sort of things that piss people off, ain't it??! Was thinking about this as I read this thread, as well as other things going on on other message forums. I'm certainly not immune to irritation myself, so I can understand it somewhat in others.

A discussion of recent UNIVERSAL DVD movies was being discussed on Dice's Garage Kit and Figures Club, which someone felt was inappropriate. Whereas Dice has no problem with this discussion, CultMan likes it to be discussed off his forum. Movie discussions as a whole usually don't bother me. What does is that most of the time I haven't seen the movie yet, if it's a new release, and folks seem to find it extremely hard to insert a simple "....SPOILER ALERT...." line and page down a bit before they blurb out important information for all to read! The recent 'Planet of the Apes is a good example of this.

So usually I'll skip those threads talking about a movie I haven't seen yet. Conversely, by the time I do, no one's fucking talking about it anymore! But that's my fault. I'm finding as I get older and more "Crusty", that the movie experience ain't all it's cracked up to be any more. Not after 30 minutes of TV commercials, 2 lengthy bits asking for your hard earned money to give to some freaks who are too lazy to get a job for themselves, and the 89 upcoming previews, that by the time the movie DOES start, I'm so pissed off I can't see straight, PLUS!!!! I gotta piss like a race horse cuz I drank the 16 oz fucking Pepsi down already!! So now I just wait for the DVD or Video to come out and miss all that shit. At least there's no bone-head sitting smack in front of me 2 seconds prior to the movie playing on my TV set!

But I can understand why a moderator might not want movies discussed in their forum, when their forum is suppose to be about models, and I can understand a reader feeling the same way. For me, I'm not really bothered by it!

What does bother me in message forums, and I'm finding the irritation factor building up as time goes by, is the nasty habit building up on the 'Clubhouse' forum. That being the irresistible fucking urge to post a thread in EACH AND EVERY FUCKING forum on the fucking Clubhouse!!!! It's bad enough you have to open up each and every forum to see what message topics have been posted recently... and I really like the way it informs you which forum does have new messages, but to go through and open up five forums only to discover that some dumbshit has posted the SAME FUCKING MESSAGE on every fucking forum.... AAAARGGGHHHHH!!!

Do these dumbshits stop and think!??! "Duh... each, uh, each forum is structured for a specific, duh, topic...but, uh, fuck it! I want to make sure it's read, so, duh, I better put it on every one! Just in case some folks, uh, don't read ALL the forums! Yeah, duh, that's the ticket!!" Stupid, stupid, we fucking don't give a shit STUPPPPPPPID!!!!!!!

Nine times out of ten the thread ain't worth bothering to read the FIRST time, but nooooooooooo! We gotta read the fucking thing multiple times!! And on the rare occasions when the topic is noteworthy, and garners some great discussions, you now have various points and observations being added over 5 different forums!!! (or worse... the same response once again splattered multiple times cuz they're as stupid as the original poster and want to make sure their glorious words of wisdom is captured for ALL to fucking see!!! Double-ARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! It's like reading a novel divided over five different books!!! Pain in the royal fucking ass!!!

Smarten up people!!! I can pretty much state with confidence that the majority of folks coming to the 'Clubhouse' read, if not all the forums, than at least all the model related ones!! So calm the hell down with the multiple posts already!!

The Pet Peeve of not having a place to warn others of rip-off artists once again came up this week. Again, on Cult's board. Ziz and Cultman tried once again to explain why they don't want this subject opened on their board, which I thought was well written.

Again, if you folks wishing for something like this are really serious, then start one yourself and let us know the Link!!! Plenty of free webhosting sites out there, and you can even open your own message forum using the one the 'Clubhouse' uses. Again, that is if your desire is a serious one. It will take time to manage it, keep it updated, and keep it from becoming flame-central!!! And you'll quickly learn why Dice and Cultman quickly stomp out flame wars as fast as they do!!! Again, it can be a worthy asset to the hobby, but it has to be done right, with someone dedicated to the task over the long term. If that's you, then go for it!!

...and finally... here's a Pet Peeve of mine again...

POLAR LIGHTS came out with three announcements this week, and once again it goes to prove that you can't please everyone! >Sigh!!< You can't even make the folks in ONE modeling niche, happy!!

"Whaaaaaattt??! No Mr. Hyde repop!?!?! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

Listen folks... that kit was a piece of shit when it first came out!! We didn't buy it in the 60's and I don't see many of us changing our minds in 2002 neither!! Give me a Seaview ANY day of the week!! Dang Seaview will hit a home run over that wimpy, anatomically incorrect piece of shit, Mr. Hyde, twenty times over!!

And lay off the 'car kit bashing'!! If half of you 'arm chair business executives' stopped and thought about it, or better yet, had a chance to look at PL's books, you might just be flabbergasted to learn that those car models are probably out-selling our monster models by leaps and bounds. Better yet, it just might be possible that the profits coming from the Johnny Lightning and car kits are PAYING for those monster/SF models we all love so much!! So before you chop off the hand that feeds your habit, a little encouragement to the folks ACTUALLY running the business might be in order here!

The fact that we're talking about a bunch of Yahoo's who find the art of 'washes' and 'dry-brushing' over their heads, feel they are worthy or intelligent enough to think they can better run a business, is somewhat hilarious to contemplate! Okay?!!

So, that's it. Pet Peeves! Some irritate us all, some only bother a few... but we've all been there. And surprise, surprise!! Indoubtably we'll find ourselves there again! So...

Til next week...

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