July 27, 2001


Here we are at the height of Summer. Temperatures in most places are hot enough to cook eggs on sidewalks, and the full extent of my ambitions, motivation and enthusiasm for the past 2 weeks probably couldn't fill a thimble!!

Unfinished models sit neglected on the trusty workbench, although thankfully, was able to get my promised articles to the ol' crusty Editor on time. I'm hoping that this weekend's 'SUB REGATTA' will spark some motivating bolts of energy up my ass.

If nothing else it will provide ample opportunity to lay down on a nice shady, grass area, throw back a few cold brews and watch some very finely built R/C submersibles do their tricks around North Lake!

And I think that's exactly what I need right about now. The chance to get out of the house, sit around with like minded modeling buddies and just let the world go by for two whole days!! There's something about these little local shows that are great for providing small distractions, as well as renewing the spark for this hobby of ours.

Unlike the bigger shows, like WF or CHILLER, where you have to travel distances to get there, and usually spend the next two or three days helping the con staff or simply running around all day long, partying all night long and then dreading that long drive or flight back home, these small local shows are effortless.

Jump in the car and you're there in under 30 minutes. Not too many people... maybe 100 -300 if you're lucky, and you can see everything the show has to offer in about 10-20 minutes tops! The rest of the time is spent just shooting the breeze and watching or taking part in the activities!! The beer is cold, the smell of hamburgers & hotdogs on the grill is in the air, twenty tables full of models and good folks to share it with!

Sometimes life doesn't get better than this!!

Speaking of bigger shows, the San Diego Comic Con recently finished up. I followed the photo's and progress reports over on the CBR site and it was good to see some of the old names in the business! Not as many Garage Kits there as last year. Looked like pre-paints and action figures were the norm. But did like the new Vampirella bust out from Moore Creations and will probably snatch one of them up.

On a sadder note I learned that our good friend, Michael Kaluta, had two original pieces lifted off his table on Saturday. So in the near future, if you see anyone trying to unload the two color Kaluta pieces shown on the link above, let him know!!

Next up is the newest arrival on the Model Show scene, Imagine Nation Expo. Being held at 'The Orleans' hotel in Las Vegas, Nv on August 3 - 5th, the list of dealers and those presenting seminars is impressive as hell! Was talking to Diceman the other afternoon and the cost to ship his kit stock out to the hotel blew me away!! Still maintain these kit producers are missing a few gears and once again proves that you really have to love this hobby of ours to put yourself through all this aggravation!!

Hope to see a lot of good photo's from all you folks attending this new event, and everyone has a great time! Meanwhile I'll be up at the Sub Base this weekend lounging around, drinking beer and watching the Subs do their turns around the lake!!

Have received a few e-mails over time asking if I could start a public forum so folks could respond to the column when the mood hit them. So if the mood 'hit's ya, feel free to click on the Forum link below and type away!

Til next week...

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