June 1, 2001


Slow week this week, so I thought I'd share some juicy tid-bits heard around the Modeling Grapevine in the last seven days!

My friend, Jim Bertges, posted a topic entitled "Help Promote Your Hobby", which can be read, among other places, here on the Modeling Forum.

If you haven't seen it yet, feel free to click on the link above. Honest, we'll wait on ya...

Depending on which Bulletin Board you saw this post on, (if you didn't just learn of it here, of course), will depend on what responses you've read so far. The link above happens to have the most replies that pretty much see this as, well if not a lost cause, at least an unrealistic one.

On other boards, folks have offered suggestions ranging from hosting your own Modeling show on a PBS or local Cable channel, to a National TV ad campaign.

I've posted my feelings on two of the boards, but just let me add this, if I may...

Those of us on this side of the 'Modeling Fence' (i.e.- Consumers) in order to discuss this subject rationally and intelligently, would need to know at least three facts that we don't know presently. They are...

1) How much Advertising revenue do the Modeling companies have per year?

2) Exactly where are those Advertising dollars being spent presently?


3) Where and what avenues were approached that either a) didn't work or b) they didn't get, for whatever reason (i.e.- cost was prohibitive, market didn't want or feel their product was suitable, etc.)?

Unless and until we know the answer to those questions, any speculation on our part is just that. Frankly, the only power I possess individually is my wallet. I'm assuming that Revell, AMT and Polar Lights have Advertising Directors that they pay good money for. If they can't increase model kit sales, then our chances of doing anything more for them is less than optimistic.

There was a short sidebar in a recent issue of VARIETY, under the gossip column, that mentioned the demise of a well known Garage Kit Hobby Producer. Unsubstantiated sources reported that the spouse was seen, late at night, outside the back door of a well known hobby shop, stuffing a body into the back of her red & black S-15 Blazer and heading out to Giant's Stadium!

She was quoted as saying, as she drove from the Stadium parking lot, "I hope the prick and Hoffa get along!!"

An unrelated article said the recent news of impending expansion was greatly, uh, "inflated"!!

Neither story could be validated prior to press time! For those going to WF, let me know if 'his' table was manned!!

In other news, Steve 'CULTTVMAN' Iverson happily announced the news that, finally, SM Clark's 'The Fly' kit will be produced by a company called "Creature Arts" and sold through Steve's web site!

By Gawd, good guys do win in the end!!!

A betting window has been open, with odds posted, on whether Mike, Jerry & Mark will insist on part of the profits!! :)  I'm sure they have some original Aurora type exclusive contracts secretly hidden away in some "warehouse" in New York City all legally signed by Clark himself!

Regardless ...Congratulations, Clark!!!

If you haven't swung by the New Releases page in awhile, it's growing quite nicely week after week! With five solid months gone in 2001, the Garage Kit boys are once again bringing out some great kits!

Nocturna Productions new "Curse of the Werewolf" kit is a hefty two figure kit that is being sold for ONLY $150.00!!! The 1/6th scale figures were sculpted by Mike Hill, with the base done up by David Fisher!

I'm highly impressed with the contribution to the SF vehicle side of the house that Scott "Capt CBoard" Alexander brings! This man's sweat and tears detailing all of our favorite movie vehicles in sizes ranging from ELEVEN FEET for the recently completed Discovery, to the upcoming styrene Moonbus is absolutely breathtaking!!

Robb Rotondi of Needful Things showed photo's of his new Ed Harris kit from "The Abyss"! This guy too is one producing Mo'Fo' and brings some high quality kits to the GK arena!!

Talked to IDC this week. The new Batgirl was pulled from the molds and some were shipped out, so you should be hearing about these very soon!! I picked up the Gorshin kit at CHILLER and know all you Batfans are going to love these new kits!!

The Styrene side of the house is slowly coming along. Was pleased to see that Marx Toys have come out with recast editions of the old Rube Goldberg kits! And PL's new C-57D is garnering high praise!

Lisa Greco announced on the ClubHouse Bulletin Board that she got another job and wishes to thank everyone for all the support!

Proves more than anything else that this hobby can come together and show the good side of life!!

BTW, I'm missing a few of the coffee grounds from my 'Buc's Brew' ceremonial Polar Lights Coffee Cup. Think I could call the 1-800 number and get a replacement??!!   Brian??! Yo!! Brian?!!

For those writing articles for issue #3 of Model Maniacs magazine, the deadline per "Ed the Editor" is the end of July!

Don't make him have to ask twice!! He's not nice when he gets angry!!

[Translation: if you get them in by the end of JUNE instead, the rest of us don't have ta hear him bitching!!]

WONDERFEST kicks off tomorrow!! For those that are going, have a great time!! I look forward to hearing all the stories and seeing all the photo's upon your return!!

Til next week...

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