Not enough cool gadgets in that closet of yours, Bunky?!
Huge chunk of money burning a hole in your pocket?!

Here's a few recent arrivals on the modeling scene to
tempt your skills and impress your friends with!!
2017 SSM T-Shirts
Starship Modeler

It's T-Shirt time again!

The official Starship Modeler 2017
Starship Modeler t-shirt is now available!

Black background with White imprint
Gildan brand Heavyweight fabric 99%
cotton blend to minimize shrinkage.

Get yours before they're gone!
Art by Robb Merrill

Visit SSM to order!

(click to enlarge)

Monster Lab Meters
Starlighting Projects

These great looking meters will
look great w/ 1:8, 1:6 & even
1:4th scale machines!

Premiering at WONDERFEST!

Each set is $22.00 shipped in the USA.

A 'set' is 9 meters. Each are .7" dia.
(i.e. a little smaller than 3/4")

At WF, also plan to have a separate
lighting kit that runs on 9V.

Visit Starlighting Projects

(click to enlarge)
Blockade Runner
3" Long


3D printed in Frosted Ultra Detail:
Matte translucent plastic that
showcases fine and intricate details.

Price: $23.51

Visit Shapeways
to order.
Proteus display base
Brad Hair Productions

Vacuform display base for the
Proteus kit from Moebius Models.

When trimmed, this base is 15 inches
in diameter. Made from .020
styrene, about 1/8 inch thick.

Price: $15.95

Visit CultTVman
to order.

Shield Generator &
Engine bells


An upgrade set that includes a pair
of shield generators for
the 1:2700 scale Zvezda Star

as well as 3 main engine bells
& 4 secondary engine bells

Go here for the Engine bells
& here for the Shield Generator.


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