Replacement Parts

Although it's great to see all these nice reissued model kits from the 60's...
some just weren't the EXACT same kit we remember fondly from our lost youth!

Then there's other kits where a group of folks went that extra mile to provide us with
great alterations to make them even nicer!

Just In!!

Chuck Hroch's new Phantom base! (10/4/16)

Phantom base

Flash Gordon base

...& check out his new nameplates!

(if you don't see it on his site, drop him an email!)

More from Chuck!

New from CultTVman... premiering at WF!

More CultTVMan here.

Coming from Cult of Personality ...

DraculaHyde replacement
Dr. Jekyll

batman repl head

More Cult of Personality here. (11/16/15)

Coming from JT Graphics ...

Want to do something different with that old Mr. Spock kit?
Turn him into the Captain! ...Or a more detailed Spock!


You get a NEW head, right hand with accurate phaser,
left hand with accurate communicator, PhotoEtch for the
communicator lid and a full set of decals that includes the
chest emblem and sleeve rank bands.

$30.00 each - (06/06/15)

From SAD Studios, replacement Star Trek heads...

Spock   Scotty   Dr McCoy   Captain Kirk  

... for the AMT/Ertl vinyl kits! Sculpted by Joe Simon! - (12/3/14)

from CultTVman...


Gorgo Replacement kit


King Kong

Frickin' Lasers
Shark Laser
& base
by Brad Hair
for the
Kogar kit

Robot Monster
Robot Monster
for the
Kogar kit
Deluxe Stone
Deluxe Stone
Base for
the Bride kit
Castle Mare Detail Set
detail set
Vampire Detail Set
Vampire Detail
Grave Robber
Grave Robber
Rick Evans

... (5/18/14)

New Mummy base from Rick Evans'! - (03/03/14)

Mummy base  alien base  Freezer Chamber  Monster Maker base

MOTM Creature base Planet Base for 1:24 figure Creech and Wolfman bases Mini-sub base  Franky, Vampi, Dracula Bases

Ironman base  MOTM Wolfman & Girl base  Nosferatu Base    Hulk Base    Franky Base    Dracula Base   Wolf Base

From Posthumous Productions comes a Peter Cushing
'Dr. Van Helsing' customizing set using the 'Barnabus' kit

Dr. Van Helsing

& here's a 'Devil Bat' customizing
set using the Aurora/Moebius 'Dr. Jekyll' kit!

Devil Bat

Posthumous Productions
PO Box 59
Flanders, NJ 07836
(Include your email & phone #)

More from Posthumous here! - (5/06/13)

From Cult of Personality ...


A replacment head for the Round 2/Polar Lights "Glow",
Hunchback of Notre Dame model kit. Sculpted by Yagher.

Sherlock Holmes
1:8 conversion sets for the MPC/Round 2 Barnabas Collins kit.
Each set comes with either a Cushing or Rathbone head, deerstalker cap
and gloved hands, one holding the pipe, the other the magnifying glass handle.

Plus a resin nameplate and a clear styrene lens for the magnifying glass.

A replacement head for Moebius' Franky kit,
based on Basil Gogo's art & sculpted by Yagher

Werewolf Repl Head  Ironman Repl Head  Mummy Repl Head  Jack Davis Repl Head
  Robert Downey Jr
  Karloff Mummy
  Jack Davis

Godzilla replacement head
$18 post paid - (7/14/09)
AURORA Godzilla replacement head sculpted by Mark VanTine!

Godzilla replacement jaw  nameplates
White metal jaw & roof of mouth teeth parts plus resin nameplate
(choose longbox or squarebox glow style lettering).
Price will be $16.00 plus shipping. - (5/30/09)

INVISIBLE MANTinglerJekyllJekyllRobin baseHulk Head

Man conv.


Robin basePL Hulk Head

'Kong Dio', Roger Moore 'Bond', Bela & Oddjob heads...
  Dracula  Oddjob

For your Aurora or Polar Lights' kits!

A new "What If" 1/8th scale Aurora Creature replacement
head from Monster Model Review... - (04/12/12)

Creature replacement head
$10 plus shipping.

Also check out the Fly conversion kit...

Fly 1 Kit comes in two parts:
right arm & head was built up
with the Moebius Dr. Jekyll
kit & with Night Owl Productions
add on pieces.
 Fly 2 comes in two parts: right
arm & head was built up with the
Moebius Dr. Jekyll kit & the
REVELL re-issue of the
Aurora Robin kit's base.

(Note: The photos above include built up
kits using extra pieces not sold with the parts.) - (05/25/11)

Replace those 1:35 scale tires for the
Halcyon APC model.

APC tires

$15.00 plus postage.
Sculpted & sold by Umi Ryuzuki! - (3/20/12)

Bob has the Golden Age Upgrade for the Moebius Wonder Woman kit.
Just pop the resin cast into place and apply the computer die-cut vinly star decals.

Upgrade for the Moebius Wonder Woman kit

Price is $14.00, includes shipping.

Paypal Bob here. Please include a description
of your order. Ready to ship. - (06/14/11)

A replacement kit for the Horizon Dr. Jones (Sean Connery)
vinyl model kit changing him into the Fly!

The Fly replacement parts

MMR designed the kit to be somewhere between the
first 2 fly films, giving it an original look.

Comes in 3 pieces:
head, claw & tongue and the claw can be placed on either hand!

If interested Rob is planning on selling them for $20 plus shipping.

Drop Rob an e-mail!

Zacherley repl Head

From Posthumous Productions comes a ZACHERLEY replacement kit
for the Nosferatu model kit by Monarch!

(Kit includes a Zach head, hands and nameplate!)

Replacement Heads

Their large selection of replacement heads continue to grow each year!

Posthumous Productions
PO Box 59
Flanders, NJ 07836
(Include your email & phone #) - (11/11/10)

This is a James Bama-style replacement head made to fit the
Polar Lights Phantom of the Opera.

Phantom Replacement Head

Please note, the PL Phantom is larger than the Aurora kit, so this head
will not be a good fit for the Aurora Phantom.

Available for $20.00 postpaid in the U.S.

For more information, e-mail Todd.
- (7/26/10)

Mike at Alchemy Works have upcoming add-on conversions for
the Aurora Prehistoric Scene kits. These will work on the new Revell releases as well!

Head Coversions for the Trike/Spike - Torosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus
and Centrosaurus/Monoclonius.

Prehistoric Scene addon

Also in the works will be a Head Conversion for the Allosaurus- Ceratosaurus
& Woolly Mammoth - Trunk and Tusks like the box art!
Prehistoric Scene addon


For the 'Alternative Images' Doc Savage, Michael Bare
casted up a nameplate for the kit and would like to help
others if they need one too.

Doc Savage Nameplate!

It's approximately 2" x 4" but can be cut down to any
size if not down to the name itself.

Price is $8.00, postage paid.

Money Orders sent to:
Michael Bare
11870 Mansa Court
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Email - (09/20/06)

Chuck Hroch has made up resin copies of the following AURORA parts:

Nice variety of
LIS Space Pod
display base
A Wolfman
generic base!
Penguin parts

orig Aurora Superman Head
Original Superman Head

Wings, boots & splashes for the original Aurora
Captain America, as well as a NEW Nameplate!

(Note: NOT for the recent Polar Lights version!!)

Nameplate   Wings

Capt America Aurora

- (11/02/06)

For your new Polar Lights' SpiderMan kit...
replace that nameplate
Spidey Nameplate
with this version for only $6.00 ppd!!

Here's an add-on BASE and 5 figures to complete your
LOTG Snake Scene
with the missing crew and passengers!
$25.00 ppd!

LOTG base & figures!    LOTG base & figures!

For your Polar Lights' SEAVIEW, Chuck has casted up
the original Aurora base and nameplate!!

Chuck's SEAVIEW Base!

Base and nameplate - $25.00 ppd.
Base - $20.00 ppd.
Nameplate - $6.00 ppd.

For more info, visit Chuck's site! - (09/20/06)

From our friends over at SKYHOOK Models comes a
revised BASE for your Polar Lights' Robby The Robot kit, for only $13.95!! - (09/20/06)

Happy Modeling! - Buc     

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