My son & I are huge New England Patriots fans, so when I saw that the old Hawk models were being reissued and the line contained the 'Killer McBash' kit, I had to quickly order TWO of um!

My son's birthday was quickly coming up, so decided to build the first one up for him. His favorite Patriots player is Safety Rodney Harrison, and his most hated player is Indy's Peyton Manning.

Sport Numbers Font Went online and searched for a font that duplicated the uniform numbers, inorder to get numbers 37 and 18, respecfully. Next I downloaded graphics of the Patriots & Colts helmet logos... sized all the graphics so that when printed out, they properly fit the different portions of the kit where needed and I was ready to glue & paint.

Kit goes together easily. Sanded where needed and started slapping paint on. For the decals, I used inkjet 'Sticker Project Paper' which contains 15 removable sticker sheets. Simply cut out & applied the stickers where needed... then gave the entire kit a nice coat of Krylon's Matte Finish.

Afterthought: Before putting the head & body pieces together, you might want to paint the insides Black. The way that the mouth has no insides, the white of the original plastic inside the head detracts some.

Something I've NEVER done with styrene is having to pin the kit. But McBash, when placed on the base, is up on his toes and there's not much security there... especially when you have the other figure hanging off his outstreched arm. So I drilled a hole in his shoes and the base and clipped off a small piece of wire coathanger to give it some added strength.

Happy Modeling - Buc (Oct 06')

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