I was a late bloomer when it came to who Kevin Smith was and his various films. Around June of this year I kept hearing references to 'Clerks' and 'Dogma' and how funny they were and one night I asked my two sons if they had seen these movies?

My oldest mumbled something like, "...and you call yourself a Comics fan?!!..." and simply got up off the couch, walked over to the video cabinet, commenced pulling out all the Kevin Smith movies he had and tossed them over to me. He had quite a few, as well as a few animated DVD's of Smith's cartoon 'Clerks' that apparently got banned from public television. And so over the next few weekends I got to know more than I ever wanted too about good old Kevin!!!

'DOGMA' appealed to me on a variety of levels, but more importantly, I love stories that delve deeply into religious matters, especially when done humorously!! If you've read any Tom Holt, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Jeremy Pascall or James Morrow, then you know this film is my favorite of all the Smith films!!

So it was with great pleasure that I received in progress sculpting photo's of the Buddy Christ as Vance T was working on him. And I was jumping for joy when Diceman informed me that he'd be producing it!!

No matter what else I bought at CHILLER, this baby was definitely coming home with me!!! Imagine my surprise when Dice ICQ'd me on Oct. 15th and told me he was shipping up two of them!!! One for me to keep and one to paint up so he could have a display for his table... the same table for the quickly approaching CHILLER Expo going down in just a mere 11 days from now!!!

Arrrgggghhhhh!!! He loves doing this to us!! He really does!!!

Reference Photo! So, while I was waiting for the package to arrive, spent this time searching for color references on the icon. Nabbed this one from the movie itself... sent it to Dice to make sure this color scheme was what we both wanted duplicated and once he said 'Perfect!!!', I was all set to go!

Checked my hoard of paints to make sure I had all the colors I needed... and waited!

October 17th there sits the package!! Kit comes in three pieces! The figure itself, and two hands. These two were part of Ed's 'Test Shot' pulls. Clean up is fast and easy... seam lines up the sides, and the base had a small airbubble which will have to be puttied! Piece of cake!!

I'll be doing both kits at the same time, and then picking the better of the two to give back to Dice. Plus if I do something wrong on one, it'll be a lesson learned before I do it to the other!!  :)

Wash the pieces in warm soapy water and let dry. Using Milliput start filling & smoothing up the airbubble on the bases. Let dry overnight, then follow it up with my Dremel and sand off the bumps found underneath the base so it stands nice and steady. Sand down the Milliput, although was disappointed it wasn't hardening as it should be.

Clip off and sand the excess flash and resin from the hands and Superglue them on and we're ready to paint!

Cover both with Krylon's White Primer. Paint the robe with Anita's Ivory. For the Medallion, start with Ivory, then used yellow, brown & a touch of orange pastels to bring it out. Seal it with Krylon's Matte Finish.

For the robe I use both Anita's Raspberry Red, and mix up a yellow/brown mixture for a nice Golden Brown for the folded portions. Paint the flesh areas and use a dark Brown Sienna for the hair and beard. Sharpen a Dark Brown Prismacolor Pencil and line in the eyebrows, a thin line on his right eye to denote the wink, and also use it to draw in thin lines on the medallion.

A Blue fine point pen is used to insert the pupil on his left eye!

Painted the base with Palmer Prism Baltic Blue, let dry and brought it down to CHILLER to hand to Ed!

Happy Modeling - Buc (Oct 01')

Work Bench