From Shape of Things came a five figure set of Jonny Quest figures, put out in 1994. Bandit isn't as widely known.

It's a nicely Rick Wyatt sculpted piece, measuring in at 5" high by 4" wide, solid cast resin. I won this piece off eBay for $41.00 in Jan 00'.

First thing is to wash it in warm, dish detergent water, scrubbing off any release residue. Once dry, I used Testor's Contour Putty to fill in a small chip that was nicked on his upper lip.

Primer Coat initial white coat

Used Krylon's Gray Sandable Primer, followed by Krylon's Flat White.

Applied Apple Barrel Black, Whitened down Raspberry Red for his tongue, & touched off with Palmer Prism Baltic Blue for his collar.

Had always thought his collar was red, until I did some research and discovered in the early episodes it was indeed blue! The newer version of Jonny Quest is where he wears a red collar.

Used a Black fine tip marker to get an even outline on the pupils and the mask around the eyes. A Silver Gel Pen was used on the tiny buttons of the collar.

Then finish off with a nice sealing coat of Protective Clear Satin sealant .

bandit5.jpg 7Kb bandit6.jpg 8Kb bandit7.jpg 10Kb bandit8.jpg 8Kb bandit9.jpg 9Kb

Nice to do a model where you don't have to put anything together every once in a while!!

Ultimately I obtained the other 4 figures in the Jonny Quest series from Frank 'Fatman' Cahall and look forward to building them as well!

Now only have to buy the DragonFly, Robot Spy and Turu to complete my set and I'll be happy!!

Happy Modeling! - Buc (Mar 00')    

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