Having been a Jonny Quest fan for many years,
I'm always on the lookout for some good JQ models!

Although now somewhat difficult to locate, there has
over the years been some nicely done figures.

(the 4 models unbuilt)

From Shape Of Things came a four figure, interconnecting set, of Jonny, Hadji, Race and Dr. Quest.

Dan Johnson is another JQ fanatic and this is his completed figure.

Here are all 4 nicely built up.

Shape of Things also did a Bandit kit... photo's of the kit here.

From Anubis Productions came one of my favorites...

The fantastic 'Robot Spy', with that great spider body and one glaring eye, those huge suckers transfixed onto the soldiers forehead, putting him down for the count.

Robot Spyder  Anubis retooled version came out in 2004.

...also from Anubis Productions,
'Dr. Zin's Robot Spy Spaceship'!

Here's a scratchbuilt by Steve Tribbey.

...and one seen at WF 09'...

...Tommy Cummings' scratchbuilt these!

And my all time favorite, also from Anubis Productions, 'Turu the Terrible', our favorite pteranodon!!

 Steve Tribbey built this nice scratchbuilt.

Alan Thompson scratch built this Hovercraft 

Coming in 2014 from MOEBIUS is a 12" Dragonfly!

Dan Johnson produced his own 'Dragonfly' Jet... (X-Factor Productions sells now).

JQ's Dragonfly
Randy Cooper'sAnubis Productions

Dan Johnson's Jonny figure!!

Doug Talmage sculpted his own Jonny!

McFarlane Toys did a series of
Hanna-Barbera sets, including
this JQ set in 2007.

In discussions on the topic of 'what Jonny Quest models we'd love to see come out', Anthony Taylor came forward and told a story on a project he was working on, before it was squashed.

Anthony tells us -

"Thought you would like to see what might have been.

These are designs for some 1:6 scale vinyl kits of Jonny & Hadji that I designed back in 1991
with ex-Lunar Models art director Jim Key.

We started a company to produce vinyl and styrene kits, but just as things got rolling, our financial partner ditched us and left the country, leaving us high and dry.

Shape of Things wound up with the JQ license and did some great kits, but they are
1:8 scale, so Jonny and Hadji are only about 5 inches tall or so.

If our kits sold well, we planned on doing Race and Dr. Benton Quest also. Anyway here
are the drawings Jim did from my designs.

Enjoy them, but remember, they are copyrighted material!"

The early episodes are chock full of great characters and evil monsters that would keep any model maker busy for quite a while.