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Bruce wrote to me after we had these pages up here for awhile, and said...

"Hi Buc!

After seeing your '1,001' comment about what I had on display on my basement shelves, I decided to count them. Wandering around the shelves soon had my eyes glazed. I got tired of breaking down the various categories of items, so for now lots of action figures and other miscellaneous figures are listed as 'dolls', and die-cast and pvc figures are lumped together, etc. Counting was pretty accurate, but probably off by a handful.

Dolls - 201
Electronic/Toys - 38
Other - 32
PVC/Diecast - 148
Prepainted Resin - 21
Models built by me personally (individual items merged on a diarama were counted separately - just a handful) - 352
Models built by others but either good enough to display as is or I didn't bother to box them up when they arrived - 37

Grand total 829

There are about 200 more Star Trek action figures I need to get out on display, and of course literally Hundreds! of models still to be assembled. I will someday count my current inventory list for the unbuilt kits and let you know for sure. I think I have 2000 model KITS total built/unbuilt but not sure at this time.

Just for the heck of it."

All photo's ©Bruce Bishop. Please do not use without his permission.

-Bruce Bishop