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Offered here is the 9.25" tall master pattern prototype for Aurora's
Phantom of the Opera model kit.

Base is complete w/"The Phantom Of The Opera" name plaque, rat,
lizard and prisoner behind bars. The Phantom's professional paint job
closely matches Aurora's box art, though w/a healthier skin tone than
the green-tinted box version.

Model is complete w/separate mask but is missing right hand, however
still holds mask (if carefully placed) for display purposes and a replacement
hand could be easily substituted from a production model. Figure has scattered
paint wear, mainly to shirt and on cape at shoulders.

Still displays Fine, w/ detailed eyes looking terrifying when mask is in place on
Phantom's face. A one-of-a-kind piece for the Aurora collector. We sold this in our
Nov. 2014 auction for $1,589 and it has been re-consigned to us.

Opening bid $500.00   (Seen up for bid June 2016)

die-cut store sign

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